U.S. College Students for Ethiopia

Announcing Applications for USCSE 2015!

rsz_uscse_cc_2012EGI is proud to announce that Summer 2015 applications for U.S. College Students for Ethiopia (USCSE) are now online!

USCSE is EGI’s summer internship and youth leadership program in Ethiopia. USCSE Fellows are full-time undergraduate students in the United States who spend 10 weeks in Ethiopia interning with EGI’s partner organizations and collaborating with local college and high school students on community action projects.

After two successful years of USCSE, EGI is happy to bring back the program with six new offerings!

What’s New?

In previous years, USCSE Fellows stayed at a guesthouse during their time in Addis Ababa. Now, they will stay with Ethiopian host families. Homestays will provide USCSE Fellows with a unique and eye-opening glimpse into local life.

Cultural Programming, Site Visits and Special Events
Incoming USCSE Fellows will be provided with opportunities for professional and social networking, cultural programming, site visits and special events. When not at their internships or Youth Community Dialogue (YCD) sessions, USCSE Fellows will be given ample personal time. But some weekends will be reserved for museum visits, site visits, meetings with notable individuals, networking mixers and much more.

Funding for Community Action Projects
A hallmark of USCSE’s Youth Community Dialogue (YCD) is the platform it provides for local Ethiopian college and high school students to identify issues in their neighborhoods. Each YCD group is responsible for developing a community action project and each share their project plans during the USCSE Closing Ceremony. Beginning in 2015, all YCD groups will receive seed funding for their community action projects. USCSE is determined to promote social entrepreneurship, youth leadership and civic engagement through YCD.

10 Fellows, 10 YCD Groups, 10 Kebeles, 70 Students
USCSE will send 10 Fellows to Ethiopia next year. Each Fellow is paired with a local Ethiopian college student and together they are paired with five high school students to form a group of seven students. Next year, not only will there be 10 YCD groups with a total of 70 American and Ethiopian students, but each group will represent a kebele (“neighborhood”) of Addis Ababa. Since YCD groups are tasked to identify issues in their neighborhoods, maximum impact is only possible when youth from the same neighborhood discuss the issues facing their neighborhoods. They know their own communities far better than anyone else.

Shorter Work Weeks
Unlike previous years where USCSE Fellows interned Monday to Friday, next year’s Fellows will intern Monday to Thursday. Friday mornings will be reserved for YCD sessions. Fellows will have Friday afternoons to Sunday evenings to themselves except for when there is pre-scheduled USCSE programming.

Expanded Internship Categories
USCSE applicants can now choose from 10 different internship categories including media and journalism, health and medicine and community development.

Get started now!